Friday, February 14, 2003

of broken dreams..

it is remarkable how one can become possessed by an image, by a perception, by a dream..
a photograph much like this one used to flap, thumbtacked, above my stairwell in my student days. when i exited - to class, or to party - i would think to myself: "one day, when i head out the door, it will be to dubrovnik".
and i did get there eventually. i coaxed my friend joanne along the coast south of trieste, convinced that paradise was waiting. we were miserable from the moment we arrived. it was cold. it was grey. gangs of glowering men followed us everywhere we went, whistling and entreating. the rest of the population was inhospitable, if not downright rude. the food was inedible.
and, when we'd seen enough, we couldn't escape.
but that's another story...

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