Thursday, November 11, 2004

lo and behold

his eye - only one is open - looks through her and beyond her.
his ears - they are covered tightly - spurn her sweet, sad, treacherous tales.
disdain and distance, though, will never stop the stories, for they spiral, stubborn,
from the dimness, and they are still for him.


  1. i like your gaze.
    i like your grey sky.
    i like your phrase "looks through her and beyond her"
    i wish i could read your delicate nuance in your text.
    --- from Japan

  2. lynn, i love this unusual photo! -- and your vivid interpretation.

  3. Beautiful, languid, imagery both mental and visual. A taste of the carnival's candy apples with a hint of the mystery beneath:
    The story teller must be a wondrous woman and her gift to him is both blessing and curse. She dives into his secret heart and relives for him his faded glory and self-abasing shame. With ears shut but eyes open the epics soak in through senses unprotected, one day to pierce his heart and to reveal to him what he really is: nothing more than he wishes to be. Unfathomable truth known only to the stomach and never to the heart.