Thursday, January 13, 2005

but the race

my life has not been star-strewn; my accolades have been meager.
a birds-nest-with-eggs, modelled from clay in kindergarten, earned me a
ribbon and a handshake. i spelled my perfectionistic way to little prizes in public
school, and honed my handwriting to a symmetric loveliness that won me silver dollars two years in a row at the belleville fair. a simple idea i submitted to my last employer made me - embarrassingly - an "employee of the month".
these are few and modest trophies, but that's allright.
i dislike spotlights.
some people, bless 'em, thrive on them. the current top three in the best-of-blogs awards 2004 are all excellent, and they all deserve to win, but btezra's birthday is just a few days after the voting closes, and, as he says himself, wouldn't first prize be a wonderful gift?
not only that, but he's been taking those splendid photos, and visiting, and suggesting, and supporting, tirelessly, and everywhere, for as long as - or longer than - i've been here myself, so i'm doing all i can (well, one vote a day till the 17th) to give him an extra reason to celebrate.


  1. Well, as far as I'm concerned you're one the star bloggers. Already looking forward to the next entry!

  2. Is it just me, or are there a lot of blog awards happening right now?

  3. ~thank you Lynn, I have enjoyed 'getting to know you' through your photography, and your commentary, which draws a complete picture of the person writing and snapping the shutter...I too have a dislike for the spotlight, and me winning (or not winning) this blog award has not about beating the others, Dave and Graham both are incredible people, with fantastic talents behind the glass, and I have grown to enjoy Brooks' work from the whole spiel, a fotag I never discovered until now, and wow, he's damn good, I feel I have already won, and your plug makes it all the better...thnx and here's to bumping into you and others across the Atlantic when I head your way~

  4. Love the shot, Lynn, great colours. Love the text as well. And I went to have a look at btezra's blog: special indeed. Great photography.
    So: you've made my evening more enjoyable.
    And I did vote, for btezra. Didn't want to suffer what one of his photo's suggests...

  5. hye lynn,
    think, to avoid becoming a slave of your own ambitions and stardom it's better to create your own little 'stars' like you did in this very optimistic coloursplashing starry image
    i said this before but... if i want to see good photography combined with inspiring lyrics i know where to go
    have a great weekend dear!
    (btw... i appreciate craig's work too - not only his work - and i'm happy to see him winning this 'star')

  6. Lynn, sometimes avoiding stardom puts you right in the thick of it. Your humble aspirations make you a star. ..and these are wonderful in color, texture, and composition. Great work.