Friday, February 18, 2005

holding on tight

"the spectacles of experience: through them you will see clearly a second time." 
- henrik ibsen (major norwegian playwright of the late 19th century, 1828-1906)

i feel distracted, these days, and slightly discouraged, suspended as i am between life as i know it - my job ends in a few weeks - and life as it will become. prospects are sparse and unsettled. all i can do is fold myself firmly around a fine strand of optimism and hope it holds.
i could use a pair of rose-coloured glasses right now, but all i can seem to find are blue ones.


  1. Blue, blue, my love is blue...
    I know the feeling, and if there were more color in the picture it would take away from it. At least it's not wrapped in saffron!

  2. Dear Lynn, thanks so much for your kind welcome back-message! Yes, you got the message of the photo very correct "Some light always gets through"! Seems we both need to be reminded of this message now and then whilst going through a rather rough time. I hope to be able to continue posting fotos at "Blink of an Eye" on a more regulare base again.
    Have a nice weekend with lots of light! *s* Liisa

  3. i think sometimes the universe gives us blue so we can appreciate the rose all the more. still, i'm sending you some rosy vibes:)

  4. ~now that I know you are an optimist I am secure in knowing you expect the best and make the best of the worst when it comes around...the best things in life happen when you either don't need them to happen, or when you lease expect it to happen, so from my POV you are due for something good~~

  5. Blue's good too. It's calming. Everything will work out, you'll see!

  6. Thank you Lynn for your amazing blue!
    these days, i feel as you do .
    your photos always gave me energy!

  7. Great shot again, Lynn.
    Shame it symbolizes your 'blue' feelings.
    I'm sure things will work out for you. Don't give up on yourself.

  8. hang in there :-) You're not alone.

  9. Oh, I'd prefer blue to rose coloured. Intensifies the sky!

  10. Glasses, of any shade, aren't made to see the future. They're made to see the present more clearly. Put 'em on... look about!

  11. ....Hind sight is 50/50

  12. I know the feeling...although I feel optimistic about our situation. Rather than look at it as being 'forced' onto us...I'm trying to look at it like it was just the PUSH we needed to move forward. I hope that your situation will begin to feel that way for you, too. You are so very, very talented...I can only guess that fabulous things will come your way. Like that old flow with the river, we must let go of the bank (or the branch, or whatever we're clinging onto for dear life). Trust the flow, Lynn, and know that we're here as a supportive net (literally!) for you.
    Like some of your other commenters, blue is my favorite color, too, so I love this image. And I'm going to imagine myself in blue-tinted glasses when I feel that big ol' demon DOUBT rears his ugly head.
    Sending you lots of love and light as you enter this next chapter in your life.

  13. don't let it get you down lynn
    i have a great hope the world won't oversee you!
    (perfect combination of image and spirit)

  14. nice 'shades' of blue! no pun intended ;-p