Sunday, March 13, 2005

and pleases where it goes

rachel brought bright blue skies and sunshine from ravenstein to amsterdam today.

she also brought a fisheye lens for me to try out...

...and an indefinable something that proved irresistible to the butterflies in the hortus botanicus..

but, best of all, she brought her own warm and radiant self.
it's the last week of winter, and it couldn't have started better.


  1. That's my Rachel all right, I must be a butterfly myself I suppose, she's irresistable to me too :-)
    Friendships are invaluable, aren't they? It's good to see you've become such good friends who are in the position to share a passion the way you two do. Your urban photo safari's are a highlight in Rachels life and seem to provide Rachel the energy to deal with work and everyday life. Thank you for that.

  2. Ha, the joy of the fisheye. I love my Sigma 15mm fish as well. Great skies.
    Rachel looking good too.

  3. ~blue skies, new photo toys, butterflies and a good friend...sounds like you hit the jackpot of sorts~

  4. hi there
    my friend just linked me ur site
    am loving every picture , every post
    i wish you all the best
    eva from kuwait

  5. that seems like a very nice and meaningful way to spend time.

  6. Very lovely and lively set of photos.

  7. Your outings sound so enjoyable. Lovely blue skies. Love the butterfly, too!

  8. love all the shots. i'm so looking forward to seeing you guys again soon. yay for september!

  9. what a lovely and beautiful world you made!
    very very nice!

  10. Thank you for your views on and of the visible reality!

  11. Your site is still one of my favourites of all time...
    Beautiful photos...
    Keep up the great work! And thank you so much for sharing! :D