Thursday, September 15, 2005

and counting

a week has become ten days, and i have been twisting myself into knots trying to translate everydayness - a summer cleaning, a profitable garage sale, a beautiful
concert in theater carré, too few sessions at the gym, and the dilemma of what
to take to london in ten days time - into some sort of uniqueness.
but there are places in the world where, sadly, such simple things would be sorely appreciated, so i feel - though subdued and uninspired - singularly blessed.


  1. Ah, the simple life.
    great colours!

  2. i think my girlfriend would like these bags ... nice texture shot ... i like the selection of colors ...

  3. When I am looking too hard... then it is, when I am missing it. And yes, its the simple thing that we take for granted, that is more difficult to recognize, unless we suddenly lose it.