Wednesday, March 22, 2006

crimson and clover

my life's sentimental journey has unfolded, gracefully, to its own eclectic soundtrack:
the songs i wasn't asked to dance to in high school, the songs that crackled into my darkened bedroom when i should have been sleeping, the chips-and-gravy
songs on the individual jukeboxes in the cosy grill, the first-time-tipsy songs and the first-time-high songs, the only-living-girl-in-vancouver songs, the songs interrupted by numbing news - kennedy, kennedy, martin luther king, john lennon: a collection of recollections, so to speak.
i would so like these strains - my personal symphony - sidling through my little white earhones, but alas: i may be canadian, but i don't live in canada, and i am only permitted downloads from the dutch iTunes store.
i did try. tommy james & the shondells: huh? leslie west, thunderclap newman: wha?
the ronettes: some numbers, okay, but not "be my baby", and "be my baby" is, as far as i can see, the whole point.
i am dodging the potholes pitting my particular memory lane, and i am mystified by iTunes' refusal - paid, nota bene - to fill them.
this is the internet, the world-wide web.
we should be able to sing, and dance, and reminisce, together.


  1. I like your photo with the sign and 'tea' and the Berkel scales and the coffee grinder. That is also a sentimental journey, but for the Dutch only, I think. As for the songs: maybe they should be left unheard as yet. The memory may be better than the actual hearing of those records again.

  2. I love this photo, it makes me want to go and listen to my own memories. Music has such a wonderful way of evoking emotion but on the up side, maybe you are creating a whole new set of emotional music memories :)

  3. Forget about iTunes. www allofmp3 com
    like the picture!
    The tea tin gives it something extra.

  4. Great photo. OK, I had a long comment, but I just couldn't for the life of me figure out what the problem was. Your blog filter complained and complained that there was "questionable content" without pointing out what it was. So here goes the sanitary comment: feel better!

  5. Memory lanes. It seems that they are more and more intrusive with time. Strange!
    Nice photo. I love the Thee thing...

  6. lovely photo as always. you always make things i would probably walk past, a photographic delight.
    amazing how much music plays such a role in our lives - our moods. one song can bring a rush of memories and emotions.

  7. I'm mailing your photo this weekend. I'll include a CD of music too. Any special requests?

  8. music is the thing that gets to our soul, hey?

  9. Doesn't that tin say "Ghee"? If it does, that sure is an interesting way to store something so messy :)

  10. Fantastic DOF and tonal range. Some shots are so full of emotions/memories, this is one of those.

  11. I love this post, the idea of a 'personal symphony.' And just reading the title of this post instantly transported me back to my childhood bedroom... :)

  12. Fantastic pic, great tonal range.