Friday, August 4, 2006

when in doubt

i foraged through a profusion of images this evening, in frustrated pursuit of colour in the day's dullness,and inspiration in my own.
i found the first.
the second may need a bit more time.


  1. I always think these are the most under-rated, yet spectacular of flowers. A wonderful, unassuming vividness.

  2. Thank God we have our archives to fall back on from time to time. I like foraging through archives, only there are o many images. Hang in there: I'm sure you'll find inspiration again. Enjoy the simple things, life is difficult enough.

  3. Color indeed! Very lovely...

  4. Lovely pink hydrangeas !
    Yes, will make a dull day a bit brighter!

  5. "When in doubt: wash": you took this from the lovely book by Paul Gallico!
    Lovely photo too!
    It is good that you are posting again!