Saturday, January 13, 2007

with greater ease

middle-aged waists don't whittle willingly, so i have surrendered myself - following the gastronomic abundance of the festive season - to restraint and stringency and moderation.
i was ripe for this personal regime, these rules, at this particular time, i think: the effort feels minimal, and the progress rewardingly swift.
limitations - the self-imposed ones, anyway - can be surprisingly liberating.


  1. Wow, what wisdom here.
    I admire you!
    Great shot as well!

  2. i hear you :)
    i love this photo, the trees like slender reeds rising out of the water ... beautiful!

  3. These restraints give you a clear head, I found.
    And you prove that here immediately:)

  4. great!
    nice contrasts, good composition and nice envorienment!