Thursday, July 19, 2007

the flags, the future

my beautiful daughter, so far away, turns 25 years old today.
"a quarter of a century!", she exclaims, and frets at time tumbling, with so much left to do, and so much left to see..
i have not a single doubt that she will do, and see, it all.
happy birthday, marieke!


  1. Love the flags!
    Many happy returns, Marieke!
    I'll hurry along to her flickr and leave her a birthday message.

  2. happy birthday marieke!! : ) she has done amazing brave and wonderful things already and i too have little doubt that her year will be wonderful!!
    beautiful flags :)

  3. Happy Birthday Marieke, spanner of oceans and creator of beauty! Worlds await you eagerly:)

  4. A nice festive photo for a festive occasion! Congratulations!

  5. Wel gefeliciteerd, Marieke! Bart en Lynn waren hier gisteravond en we hadden het over je. De beste wensen vanuit Broek op Langedijk!