Monday, February 4, 2008

nips and tucks

two-muses is five years old today.

five years sounds fledgling, but it is actually quite venerable - elderly even - in this world of webcreativity, and i would be the first to confess that some restorative and corrective surgery is in order.

it's not so much our demeanor - although the possibility of posting larger images would please me no end - but functionality is faltering, especially since the hack: whole pages have gone missing, for instance, and we (meaning i) can no longer update the "inspiration" links.

help seems blessedly at hand. the lovely myla has offered to guide us through some changes (thanks, myla!) as has the cleverest of my colleagues (thanks, börge!).

within weeks, we may be looking fresh and feeling sprightly again.

until then: cake, anyone?


  1. Happy Birthday Lynn!
    And would that be unlimited cake?? :)
    What a poignant, beautiful picture that is :)

  2. Wow, what an achievement. Congratulations!
    I'll have a cheesecake btw :P

  3. Even more than your haunting, evocative photos, dear Lynn, it's your eloquence with English that delights and fills me with pride.

  4. happy birthday lynn :) being almost five myself, i took it upon myself to start anew actually as i too had some issues around brokendownness that will happen as the years go by and i fiddle too much.
    what hopeful balloons!! looking forward to another five beautiful years, xox

  5. Superb picture indeed.
    Did anyone say cake?

  6. a new look in time for spring. Very nice!

  7. You are too sweet -- congrats on the milestone! xx

  8. Congrats on the coming of age Lynn. I guess we all need an overall from time to time to keep us in tip top condition! I think I'm in need of a 60,000 service myself!

  9. Happy anniversary Lynn. Hey... we're nearly the same age... in blog years!

  10. A nice echo of the photo with the reeds ('blowing in the wind').
    Congratulation Lynn with the first 'lustrum' of your blog, that I am visiting with a lot of pleasure.
    Keep up the good work!

  11. Happy happy, Lynn! I'm so glad that you've been doing this for 5 years (and still going.) My world is a better place for your beautiful words and images...

  12. Two-Muses still looks young to me. ;) Happy Blogiversary. I'm pleased that I've been reading you for 4-1/2 of those 5 years. xoxo