Monday, May 18, 2009

and maybe not.

i could hardly concentrate on the pictures wanting to be taken, there on the harbourfront at aberdeen, because an energetic, elderly-but-ageless little chinese entrepeneuse followed us everywhere we went.
"sampan? sampan?" she wheedled. "very cheap! very nice! see jumbo restaurant!". my husband, who has traveled extensively in china, answered - time after time - "maybe later!". and - time after time - she muttered "maybe later! ahh!" and paused in her pursuit, only to pop up moments later to try again: a relentless wrinkled shadow in a bamboo hat.


  1. Maybe you should have defined "later" for her.

  2. Once in China a water bottle selling lady followed me all the way up a mountain, stayed with me there (buy water? buy water?) and then followed me down again. That was a two hour hike.