Sunday, May 30, 2010

we thought they'd never end

I took ballet lessons as a wee pony-tailed-spindly-legged lass, and, when my hour was over, I pirouetted myself downstairs to Latimers Drugstore and perched myself on a stool till my Mum or my Dad picked me up to take me home. I was given 35 cents to buy a soda or a sundae while I waited, and I remember spinning, alone, to the hiss of the fountain, in my leotard and my toeshoes, on scarlet leatherette, and feeling very Grown Up indeed.
I thought of this, decades later, in Penang, when I saw these fluted coupes: my mind jeté'd back to then, when "chocolate" or "butterscotch" was pretty much the most important decision I had to make.


  1. From Latimer's to Penang and back, one of many magic journeys when the eye and the memory work in tandem!
    love, mom

  2. p.s. - thank you for the memories, honey! Your recall is phenomenal -
    love - mom

  3. The blue of those glasses is absolutely perfect.