Saturday, September 10, 2011

at long last

it has taken me a few years - the havoc wreaked by the hack and the lack of backup
seemed insurmountable - but i have spent the last three days giving here some first aid and some much-needed tlc.
some happened-upon old back-ups turned out to contain many of the first photographs,
so i finally reinstated almost all of the early pictures (save a dozen that are probably
lost forever). the anxiety that overcame me at the mere thought of all the empty
images has lifted.
this feels like home again.
and i tackled the spam comments (that's 778 on one entry) that had me so frustrated that i couldn't even face moderating any more.
thank you for sticking with me.
i am grateful. and happy.


  1. This makes me happy. :) This photo blog hasn't changed a bit, and yet it has!!

  2. And it makes my heart beat a little faster, makes me feel a glowing nugget of joy on a cold, dreary day, to stop by here *just in case* and to find that you have returned. The door was always open, the light was always on....