Saturday, July 20, 2013

lovely treachery

After 6+ years of shooting only film, I succumbed.

I travel too much - and too light - to weigh myself down with one or more of my analog cameras; my favourite "proper" cameras are always the heavy ones. And I always fret about the film in tropical climates. And my scanners are ailing.

I asked a few of my treasured contacts for their opinions. I wandered through my Flickr favourites. (I have avoided Flickr otherwise, but that's another story altogether.) And this OM-D E-M5 was the conclusion I arrived at.

I wanted true colours and I wanted as sublime a DOF rendition as I could get. I got both, and was lucky to find one second-hand. With the 45mm lens: a jewel.

I feel like a traitor, but a happy traitor despite.


  1. I have doubts about digital - but only because I think black and white pictures never reproduce like traditional film (I feel the same way about C41 monochrome)... but... If lynn does it, it's lovely :)

  2. Ditital is digital and analog is analog.
    But you can make art using both.
    Love this shot.