Friday, May 2, 2003

pasta arrabbiata

"made your choice?" she sighed. her impatient "YET?" was clearly inferred.
we ruffled slowly through the menu. again.
we were getting good at this: it's an art, dawdling.
her agitation inspired no sympathy at all.
the restaurant was deserted. we like to linger: they clearly detested lingerers.
"in, fed, and out the door in half an hour," the reviews exclaimed.
we were determined to be the exception to the rule.
we were.
but they will not smile, should we step through the door again.

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  1. Lynn, I really like your abstract pics. I've been making some of those lately as well. I would rather take more street pics of people, but Sacramento doesn't much of a public street life. We just hop in our cars and on buses. But abstract also has it own beauty.