Monday, May 5, 2003

west fourth, 1971

the earrings were exquisite: tiny handcrafted crosses, delicate, silver, shimmering. i caressed the rough edges.
"would it be possible to buy just ONE of these?"
"excuse me?"
"only one ear is pierced, y'see. i only need one."
"..i'll take a look. maybe i have some odd earrings in the drawer.."
"oh, but it's these i love. these are so beautiful. i'll just buy the pair then, i don't mind... really!"
the purchase, rung up, was - puzzlingly -a fraction of the price on the tag. protests were waved away with a doting smile.
they were her young son's very first creation, the woman explained. he had made her promise, heart crossed, to sell them only to someone who really appreciated them.
and for no more, heart crossed again, than a single dollar.

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