Sunday, June 15, 2003

life in the slow lane

and these are the things that made ME smile this weekend*:
(click to enlarge!)

hotel americain, bacon and eggs

kiosk, korte prinsengracht
emily thumbs up!
staying power

rubber duck #2

a complimentary breakfast (my work, don't you know..) at one of the most beautiful hotels in amsterdam, even if it did mean a 4:30 a.m. wake-up-call
the always-inspiring combination of the old and the experienced- and the settled and the brash
suddenly, an unexpected glance upwards, an emily dickinson poem unfolding above the busy marnixstraat
around the corner: happy cobblestones! everyone can use a bit of positivity in their life
a lovely bouquet. it was our anniversary: many many MANY years
a rubber ducky, unforeseen . i have, and always HAVE had, a weakness for rubber duckies...a perfect end to a perfect weekend..

*i work most REAL weekends; this week i had thursday and friday off, so i rearranged a bit...


  1. Happy anniversary! I especially love that rubber duckie snap!

  2. What a lovely weekend retorspective!