Saturday, June 28, 2003

slaap zacht

there is no-one like emese for capturing moments - of all kinds -at their most beautiful. especially breathtaking are her candid studies of people in the street: they are lively, enchanting, and totally natural. i, on the other hand, can never get mine to work, unless my subjects are fast asleep...or blinded by the sun.
i do try. i rest my camera in my lap and pretend to fiddle and peek later to see if anything worthwhile has resulted from my deception. some people would call this "shooting from the hip"; i call it "creative cowardice".

1 comment:

  1. I wonder how well received my techniques will be in Europe. I tend to be more comfortable when in a large crowd where there a lot of people taking pictures so some might assume that either I'm a tourist taking pictures of the scenery or that I'm taking pictures of friends/family. I wish I was more comfortable too. Instead I'm hoping for an even bigger zoom lens.