Wednesday, July 2, 2003

if you love me sweet..

i had to cancel an excursion reservation yesterday.
a very pleasant woman had called us to reserve a guided scooter tour of amsterdam - a hen party kind of thing - called "the big step". usually, it is geared for the females of the bridal contingent: in this particular case, it wasn't about a giggling delegation of matrons-of-honour, but about a mixed group, several ladies and a few gentlemen, including the gay couple itself. i didn't ask PERMISSION: this is amsterdam, after all.
immediately after sending off the fax, i was telephoned by the company, and urged to cancel the booking. men were not the targeted audience.
well, i said, this is a completely different bowl of fruit. this is not your drunk-and-disorderly-let's-hit-the-red-light-district kind of party.
rules are rules, they responded.
now THAT is an expression that stands my hair on end.
i protested in vain.
i called the very pleasant woman back and apologised.
i suggested alternatives.
i did my best, and swore under my breath the whole time.
rules are rules, indeed.
i hope the very pleasant woman and her friends have a PERFECT day anyway.

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  1. I used to own a Ken doll that had synthetic hair. I think he's the reason I abhor long hair on men.
    Interesting the memories a photo can conjure up.