Sunday, July 27, 2003

unabashedly tart

he twists the lock from his bicycle. he can hear jannie, below, bustling about, preparing herself as usual: shaking her sumptuousness into latex and laces, smudging aging lips and cheeks, coaxing her blondness into coquetry, and, finally, scraping her velvet chair into position.
as he bumps the wheels downward to the singel, he hears the red curtain slide open. and before he reaches the lijnbaansteeg, his downstairs neighbour will be open for early business.


  1. i really enjoy your picture-stories lynn :)
    and i'm glad you're unabashed!
    keep it up:)

  2. Me so too, Lynn. I love the minimalist look and feel. The photo her of the bicycle is very evocative for me.
    I have just discovered your log via Francis in Sweden. I like. I shall return.