Thursday, June 24, 2004

hasta la vista

hmmm. yes: YOU.
have a fine week. i'm off to spain for my cousin's wedding. if my plane doesn't drop from the sky, i'll be back next tuesday.
if it does - i am not fond of flying, so this possibility does enter my mind - thank you for being attentive and inspirational.
i am a richer person for your company.
see you soon.


  1. Have fun! Looking forward to the pictures.

  2. Have fun and don't forget your camera ;))

  3. Ooh! Please! Take LOTS of photos! Looks like John and I will be going to Spain & Portugal for our honeymoon. WOOO!

  4. don't even say such things!
    but have a lovely time. :-)

  5. have a good time in spain, lynn! this is a lovely image!

  6. Spain, great, Lynn.
    Love your latest posts here, btw. Been some time since I passed, my kind of photography. Hope we meet up one of these years on this little planet.