Wednesday, June 16, 2004

through a window

she arranges all her musts and mays and wills - tiny translucent squares of perception - into wholeness.
she knows what she wants to do, sees what she wants to show, hears what she wants to say. these jewels are clear and bright and tangible as she pieces them together, but, standing back to admire their effect, she watches the light dissolve them into skittering wisps of uncertain colour.
she is dismayed, for this was not her intention.
and she is delighted, for it is worthwhile, and it glows.


  1. Hi Lynn, beautiful capture. Makes me dreaming. I love the reflections of the light on the right wall.

  2. i'm deadly serious lynn,
    this is a perfect picture and... this are the perfect words to go with it...
    (each time you touch me with your way of describing things and feelings...)

  3. Ah, but I must say... this speaks to me - there are so many things in this past month that were not my intention... but indeed it is turning out to be worthwhile and indeed it IS glowing... :)

  4. The picture and the words - both make me want to get outside and feel the sun on my skin!

  5. ...'tiny translucent squares of perception'...only you, Lynn! LOVE the way the words tumble out of you with such elegance.

  6. very beautiful and thoughtful words along with it

  7. Lovely picture and great text. It's very much a poem, not just the text, and not just the image, but together. I look forward to coming back and seeing more.