Wednesday, July 14, 2004

cover to cover

a confession: the last film i saw in a movie-theatre was "billy elliot". the one before that was "titanic".
television, then? well, i did catch a few minutes of jamie oliver whipping up something stimulating two saturdays ago when i went downstairs to pour myself a second cup of coffee...
and a third: i've forgotten how the video works.
i read a lot (AND i commute, which means that i have two hours a day to immerse myself in a good story). and, though i don't always judge covers well, i have been blessed, in recent weeks, with a succession of excellent books.
the most recent gift - literally! - was "the five people you meet in heaven", slipped into my shopping bag by rachel at the end of a fine afternoon in amsterdam.
it was a captivating little tale; i have a weakness for perceptions of the hereafter, and this one moved me. it lingered in my thoughts when i put it aside. i finished it, and then i started it again.
it is quite possible that my stack of books, beckoning, has kept me from other things, like HERE.
but i hope -and assume, somehow - that all this insight and inspiration will keep me on my creative toes.


  1. Good for you Lynn. Reading is rewarding. I�ve tried to cut down on TV, unsuccessfully.
    I�ve read both books written by Mitch Albom. If you haven�t yet, read Tuesdays with Morrie as well. It made me cry, laugh, reflect and think about life and dying in general. It is slightly better than The Five People You Meet in Heaven, I think.

  2. i confess to loving tv and reading. it could be why i don't sleep much. i love love love love love that photo so much. i want to smooch that little puppy!!!

  3. I've heard of that book. Been hesitant to buy it but now I'm intrigued...

  4. I couldn't even finish Tuesday's with Morrie, it was such drivel.
    I appreciate your comments on my pics, Lynn.
    May I suggest as a summer read for you - "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay".

  5. Good to see someone reading. I have tons of books, but have pulled back on my reading every since I've taken my computer wireless. Now I find myself in front of a computer rather than a book. But suspect with time the internet will get a little old. Books have always been my enrichment.

  6. ooh. the only thing i like more than taking pictures are my books and reading. I second the kavalier and clay recommendation, although as far as recent pulitzer winners go, i prefer middlesex. Also, i recommend this cute little collection of essays on reading and books - Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader.

  7. Wonderful picture!
    The sense of the dark space levitating the boat and the bricks gives it spark--
    not to mention the woman and the dog

  8. lovely shot :) i love reading as well. i've heard great things about "the five people you meet in heaven" and after your thumbs-up, i'll have to check it out.
    i hope you are doing well:)

  9. I love to hear anyone touting the joys of reading! One of my pleasures here (since I have so few cultural, none) has been to re-read some of my books. It's been a delighted discovery to find that I often enjoy some of my favorite reads just as much (or even more) a second (or third) time.