Sunday, July 25, 2004

drifting past the hours

she is halfway to everywhere, blowing with a dozen winds, her best intentions
entangled in dreams and dissatisfaction.
her sails are transparent, though. in them, and through them, she sees sky, and spectrum, and the essence of illusion, and so much beauty will carry her, adrift or not,
to contented shores.


  1. I love this.
    The art of making a great picture with simple fabrics.
    I still have a lot to learn.

  2. What a large array of colors! You definitly know how to provide your pictures the right words. Nice!

  3. ~wonderful collection and presentation of color Lynn~

  4. Lovely picture - blue and orange again, with rainbows threaded through. Reminds me that I thought of you not long ago, when I went to a craft fair, where someone had made a glowing tent of silk scarves.
    I scarcely know what the words mean, but they evoke wonderfully, like a deep breath - poetry in prose.

  5. This is my first time here and was wondering how often posts are made?