Tuesday, September 7, 2004

open to the day

"art is the window to man's soul. without it, he would never be able to see beyond his immediate world; nor could the world see the man within."
- claudia johnson

sometimes a birthday party's musical chairs can lead to somewhere unexpected: the one we attended on saturday ended up in the tiny town of biezemortel, savouring a sneak preview of "de kunst van het onvolmaakte" ("the art of the imperfect"), an event which begins tomorrow and will hopefully delight many many visitors between then and the 19th of september.
even in rehearsal mode, it was alive with colour and character and a quirky kind of humour; the festival itself - visual and performing arts, nature, food, drink, and please-don't- forget-the-dahlias - should be even better.
i love eccentricity. returning might be hard to resist.


  1. Beautiful photos as always, Lynn. I especially favor that first tricolored photo. Absolutely beautiful

  2. I really like the top photo! Bravo (as always)...

  3. Imagine wearing that Rosarch Test dress and some crazy thinking it's a picture of his mother eating rats. Yikes.

  4. Thinking the middle picture says. I think I think too much some times. How about trying not to think. But that only means I'm thinking about thinking. This is hopeless. The colours in the top photo offer something. Not just the colours, but the patterns that lie behind. Like the dress. Very modern.

  5. very nice composition and colors, good work

  6. The top photo is my favorite of the bunch too.
    Very nice

  7. even inside i get the impression to feel the sunrays
    beautiful light, wonderful colours
    would like to visit this exposition too

  8. The colour blocks are beautiful.
    I am also intreged by the wearable artwork. Makes my knitting seem archaic and bourgeois.