Friday, September 17, 2004

some days are diamonds

at the bus stop, my early-morning conversation with myself sends wisps of whiteness into the dawn. the air is cardigan-cold the whole day through, and the sun is distant but determined.
i am content.
i love the fall.


  1. i am content every time i can enjoy your images which express so perfectly the mood hidden in your words
    this two recent posts are so beautiful
    pitty i haven't written down all your self invented words (cardigan-cold) or 'just perfect descriptions'
    enjoy the weekend lynn
    jezus... this last image is powerful

  2. Autumn is great! The hot weather in France was great, not so sticky as in Holland, but to feel the cool air again for the first time (as we were fuelling the car somewhere in Germany) was lovely. I just love those crisp autumn skies.

  3. STUNNING shot. You know all the best blocks to walk down!

  4. Gewoon even ouderwets Nederlands...
    Mooie foto Lynn, je teksten zijn eveneens zeer toepasselijk.
    Ik hoop je volgende week te aanschouwen en te genieten van al jouw belangenloos vertrouwen....
    Heerlijkste maar ook gekke groeten,
    Jasper die zoete...

  5. i often see such diamonds in the sky and long to capture them as you have. thank you.

  6. "the air is cardigan-cold"...I'm going to remember that phrase. :) Gorgeous photo, Lynn.

  7. cardigan cold: love that.
    Love the white fluffy clouds as well.