Wednesday, December 8, 2004

analyze this

the enormous owl, in my true dream, turns his enigmatic white face toward me as he swoops past, and then, as if reconsidering my worth, circles behind me and settles delicately but solidly on my head. he is surprisingly substantial for a feathered creature, but i shrug him solemnly about my shoulders, a soft and whimsical wrap, like the ones back then, in my aunt-elsa-the-actress's costume coffer, under the velvets and the veils.
his talons are firm, but gentle; his huge wings, occasionally crossing my breast, are fearsome, but wondrous in their tenderness.
we travel an unfamiliar pathway, my mystifying burden and i, and he is such
effortless cargo that i wonder if perhaps he is bearing my weight instead of me his.
and i can tell, from the unconcern of those we pass, that i alone am aware of his
when morning comes, i feel blessed, and bereft to be awake.
"death", say the sources that profess an understanding of dreams.
"imminent disaster", they caution.
owls are, apparently, portents of doom.
"oh, dear", i frown, and then sigh.
i can't do much else: he was beautiful, that owl on my head, and he seemed to know where i was going.


  1. What a beautiful dream. As someone who works with dreams as a part of a counseling practice, I'd like to assure you dream owls are not static symbols with some single dream dictionary meaning.
    This is your owl and no one else's. It is whatever you know it to be. Treasure it!

  2. Hey, Lynn, what a good looking girl you are!
    Love the outfit.
    The accompanying text is very deep. Think I'll come back and read it again.

  3. Perhaps the "Owl" in your dream was a reminder to you that you are not alone in life, and by following your inner guidance, you will be led to greater experiences, and joyful expression.
    Or... maybe it was just an OWL ;-)
    I would have loved to see that costume in color. I bet it was LOUD :-) Very Cute!

  4. ~oh my goodness, how old in the photo? I recently posted images on the blog portion of my site from my childhood, images passed around during Thanksgiving...~

  5. Native Americans believe in something called totem animals - the animal that is your "spirit guide" and every person has their own unique totem animal.
    I think that according to Native American culture, this great owl of yours would not spell doom, but would mean something strong & good, and perhaps had appeared as a mark of beauty and inspiration for the coming changes in your life. :)

  6. I just did some research, and found it to be quite inspiring. "Owls are considered responsible for carrying messages and omens. The snowy owl carries wisdom, the great horned owl is a messenger that portends new cycles and change... the owl represents the ability to see and hear clearly despite the darkness. The owl is the symbol of the soul."
    So... what a rather amazing dream you've had indeed!! ;)

  7. The owls are not what they seem:
    Don't say how old the picture is! A magician never reveals his tricks.

  8. Such a creative, artistic creature even at that young age. Adorable outfit. (I, too, would have loved to see it in all its colorful glory!) :)

  9. i'm not an expert on dreams but i do know that if you felt good about it and it gave you a positive feeling, then there is nothing to worry about.
    on another note, nice photo! you looked tall for 8 years old.

  10. All the elements are here for 'the lost childhood'. Great photo of you surrounded by the things you must half remember from the old days. And a very poetic account of your dream.
    Don't worry about omens. In the Harry Potter books the owls play a positive parts.

  11. how vivienne westwood..
    where is the glamour in holland?

  12. I know that this is an old post, but I had a dream about an owl landing on my head last night, so I looked for anyone else who might have had a similar dream. Mine was not as vivid as yours. I remember it was dark. I don't know what kind of owl it was, but it landed very gently and stayed there for a long time until I (again gently) encouraged it to get off. I was not afraid of it, but neither did I wake up supercharged. I wish I knew what that owl was trying to tell me.