Sunday, December 12, 2004

at break of day

breakfast, elsewhere, anywhere, is one of the true delights of travelling.

in france, i wake up anticipating my grand café crème and my croissant; in england, the very prospect of bacon and eggs and sausages and baked beans can make even an abominably early wake-up-call worthwhile. when i lived in israel, i relished the massive tomato-and-cucumber salads - tossed with eggs and cream cheese - that started my day.

why is it then, i wonder, that here in holland, after all these years, i still skip the
bread and ham and cheese that comprise the dutch ontbijt, and can barely manage
a cup of milky tea?


  1. This series really makes me want to go back to Europe... great shots! glad to know that I'm not the only one who thinks that breakfast on holiday is a true highlight of the trip! :)

  2. Bah, breakfast shmeckfast. It's all about lunchtime. I'd much prefer a nice lunch over breakfast when my stomach is still settling from a whole night of being horizontal.
    Nice photos though, esp. like the second one. :)

  3. Wow, looks like a great place in France. Great warm colours, Lynn.

  4. lovely series. i'm wondering what was in the "japanese" teapot in the 2nd pic...

  5. for some reason i find the last one the most appealing. good job.

  6. I really like the chalkboard with the red semi-circles. Just a wonderful composition and warm bright colors.
    Beautiful to look at.

  7. Onno, you seemed to like breakfast well enough in Jamaica...
    I could pass on Dutch breakfast too. How is it any different from a Dutch lunch?