Wednesday, June 29, 2005

and read all over

"colour television! bah, i won't believe it until i see it in black and white."
- samuel goldwyn (american movie producer and founder of MGM, 1882-1974)

black-and-white feels, sometimes, like a welcome shadow when the sun is hot and high, like a haiku's sweet purity following a volume of fine but flowery prose, like an oasis of subtle simplicity in a world of exuberant summer hues.
black-and-white seems, often - and these actually are - technicolour after all.


  1. haha, but this isn't black and white, of course.
    Very subtle.

  2. love these! nicely done lynn.

  3. Liking your metric, as usual...
    This week on there is the "picture of the week" discussion centered on a photojournalist shot. Part of the discussion is about why photojournalism often uses B&W photos. I guess you answered: in a complex world sometimes B&W helps to simplify and isolate the aspect of reality that count most.

  4. The black and white is always there. Sometimes the color overpowers and steals the spotlight. Sometimes the b&w puts on a show of its own. These are great, and your eye sees these distinctions and points them out for us. Thanks.

  5. Thank you Lynn for a few extra reasons to keep on working in B&W only. That is, as for my etchings. Until now my photos are in colour (as are yours most of the time).
    Photographing in B&W makes you mind the tone values of the visible world.

  6. i love this series of photos, lynn. wonderful forms. i am never disappointed when i come here :)
    (btw, did you know that in flickr there is actually a group called Two Chairs?)

  7. Ah, so true... Love the quote. And I love that I can always come here and have a smile put on my face by your photos and words.