Thursday, June 23, 2005

left dangling

donald's roof garden is a spectacular five square metres of lushness: he has, as we say here - and logically, i always think, since thumbs aren't a whole lot of use on their own - "green fingers".
during the relentless heat of last weekend, my house-sitting/cat-sitting tasks expanded to include plant-sitting, which meant hauling jerrycans of water up three flights of stairs and then - carefully - up the glorified ladder which accesses the lofty terrace, and i did that successfully time and time again.
on the very last evening of my holiday, though, i preceded my husband - come to
dinner - upward, and, as i pushed the hatch open, balanced on a halfway rung, the
whole ladder lost its grip, and disappeared from under my feet, sliding backward and falling forward until my husband, caught by surprise, stopped it.
now, three days later, my right thigh is still swollen, and more black than blue, and i can't sit for more than a few minutes at a time. (responding to comments and e-mails, for instance, is very slow going: my apologies.)
and now, three days later, i continue to thank my lucky stars that someone was
with me on this trek to the roof-terrace: alone, i would have suffered far worse than bruises.
i shiver - typing standing up - at the thought.


  1. Ow, I hope you heal soon. Good thing indeed that your husband was there.
    O and I have little continuing arguments over the logic of "green fingers" vs "green thumb". I still stand by green thumb, maybe because I stubbornly prefer my English.

  2. Gee, an accident is in a small corner as it is said in dutch. I am glad you escaped with just a sprained (?) ankle. Get well soon!

  3. So glad you're okay...and thankful that your love was there with you when it happened.

  4. Christ, Lynn, indeed lucky your hubby was there. Sounds like it could have been much worse. Hope all discomfort vanishes soon. Nice pic, btw.

  5. In this case, walking under a ladder was good luck. Glad it wasn't worse, and hope you're all healed up soon.

  6. Lynn, it is a well known fact between chess players that one makes trivial mistakes at the 40th move, which is the last one before a game is interrupted for the day. The ladder had to slip right the last time you were climbing it! Fortunately nothing serious happened, I am glad your husband was there catching the ladder. Hope you will sit again soon!

  7. Glad everything did'nt went worse. Take care of yourself. I know, last spring I fall from with my ladder from 15feet. Almost broke my leg. Be careful.

  8. He always comes in handy when you most need him, doesn't he?
    And look how happy those plants are that you made the effort!
    Glad you're okay--for the most part--and now you'll never climb another ladder without someone close by to catch you.
    Thanks for the great photo, and all the trouble it took to get it.

  9. The risks you take for those plants, I hope they appreciate that! Still, you're (more or less) OK, that's the main thing.

  10. phew! that could have been much worse! all the same, ouch! feel better soon:)

  11. ~I see that dinner at high altitudes can be dangerous to your health...but alas, I hope all is well Lynn and that you are feeling much better as I type this comment...~