Wednesday, August 17, 2005

if pigs could fly

i suppose this was their reasoning:
if you won't brake for cows, and you refuse to slow down for geese, perhaps - just
perhaps - sheer incongruity will stop you in your tracks.
it did us.


  1. Or maybe it's telling the geese to watch out for cows?

  2. What a great find, Lynn! I just had to smile.

  3. Maybe the designer of the sign was some A'dam or R'dam inhabitant who never left the city and wouldn't know how to portrait a goose. Great one, Lynn, and great cloud base in the background.

  4. Coming from Italy I have the tendency of doubting the sanity of the person placing road signals. The typical situation is arriving at a bifurcation of the road to find two signals with the name of the same city pointing to both directions...

  5. you have to wonder what the person installing the sign was thinking. Perhaps they didn't have a "caution geese" sign, so they piggybacked the two in hopes people would figure it out. Of course, it's more fun to just poke fun at it ;-)

  6. who thinks up these signs???