Sunday, August 7, 2005

out on a limb

"curious people are interesting people, i wonder why that is?"
- bill maher (american comedian, actor, writer and producer, b.1956)

i understand the term "pear-shaped", as used when life - ah, life! - goes slightly awry.
but i wonder, sometimes, what one calls life-going-well.
when i have things on my mind, like i do right now, i ponder the silliest things.


  1. I think pears have a rather nice shape...

  2. Well, according to the preferred etymology for the link you gave, the opposite of pear-shape should be "bell-shaped", as the "bell-curve" is the normal distribution when it is as it should be. When I spend the whole sunday afternoon thinking about a statistical problem, I do try to answer the silliest things ;-)
    Seriously, whatever it is that occupies your mind, I wish you that it will soon be fine.

  3. Life can be a peach, sweet and juicy; unfortunately that is not always the case. Anyway these pears are having a good time basking i the sun.

  4. Mmm, love this kind of photo.
    Took some like this of apples in an Italian vineyard two years ago.

  5. I think you'd just say that everything is Peachy - or Peachy Keen. If things are really going well then you move from fruits into flowers and say everything is rosey.

  6. These are beautiful, especially with the balance of the three. When you are pondering silly things, that means your mind is well lubricated and firing on all cylinders...what else is there to do in life but ponder silly things? "Important" folks need to do this more often.