Wednesday, November 30, 2005

off to see the wizard

a touch of winter flu has tossed a slight shadow over my first few days off, but hopefully i'll be fit enough tomorrow to (gently!) throw a couple of cameras onto the back seat of
the car and join my patient partner on a little, not-too-far-afield, road trip.
we're thinking northern france by way of bruges, but i'm fine with anywhere, really,
as long as it's picturesque, and photogenic.
and as long as it doesn't pour.


  1. Is that your floor? Really special and very colourful. The case somehow reminds me of Hotel New York. Have a nice trip and better weather than over here.

  2. love the colors of the floor and the light. have a nice trip!

  3. very interesting colors and pattern on whatever surface that is. Enjoy your road trip! Bring back some interesting photographs.

  4. Autumn in France! I miss driving through barely paved roads, between well tended forests and small villages with stoney walls. And the sound of a bell in the distance muffled by the mist, or the light rain that will soon turn in to snow...

  5. Have a good time together, Lynn!
    I hope the weather will be gentle with you.

  6. Ik duim voor je!
    Good shot, well exposed.
    Brugge is always fun.
    Went there for a drink and a meal two Sundays ago.
    Bit cold though :-)
    Have fun in la douce France.

  7. Beautiful light. Feel better!

  8. beautiful gentle colour filled with light and shadow and wonderful expectation :)