Monday, December 5, 2005

winter branches and old bones

it rained, of course. it is december, after all.

but - by times - there was lamplight, and sunlight, too.

there was even, finally, in laon, a bit of rust and peeling paint.
colour me content.


  1. Wow, who's been busy, then?
    Good trip? The photos seem to witness a good trip.
    Hope you enjoyed it.

  2. The third photo... are those birds? Quite amazing... I have seen that sometimes in Italy but had never been lucky enough to have had a camera in my hands to capture it.
    The first photo... looks like a grey sky upside down... smells wet.

  3. Oooooooooooh. So much to love here, Lynn. Next time we're in the NL, I'm not telling Annelies, I want to hang woth you!
    That leaf shot just plain left me breathless.

  4. the leaf is simply breathtaking, a dream of a place revealed - looks like a lovely time even with the dampness of a december rain :)

  5. Gorgeous photos, as always. I love when you weave a color through your photo clusters. I had to laugh though when I saw the title of the post...maybe I can relate a bit too much. :)

  6. I love that top shot. It most thoroughly and completely captures the mood of the season. And that bit of rust and peeling paint is simply comforting.

  7. I simply love the one with the starlings! fine colours; fine composition etc.
    Welcome back.

  8. wow, i thought it was a swarm of bees!