Sunday, February 26, 2006

treading water

i was feeling, yesterday morning, like taking a long walk off a short pier: blame dark-
to-dark workdays, calamitous commutes, and stubbornly sullen skies.
yesterday afternoon, though, the weather turned, and my mood turned, too, as it tends to do, in the clear cold healing light.
i have the next five days off, and fine friends to meet, and enough film to see me
through these final strokes of winter.


  1. Funny, I had similar thoughts just the other day. I agree that it must be the weather. The dreariness of February here in Michigan has never really lifted my spirits. Maybe ours aren't such different climes?
    Wishing you a happier, more enjoyable five days off!

  2. Your five days to come sound just wonderful to me! Wish I was you. I have to work. But the days are getting better. Winter is as good as behind us. Love spring! Good photo, looks like something typically Dutch to me. Have made similar photos over in the Netherlands.

  3. Enjoy your time off, and your time shooting your film.
    This photo brings back hazy memories of swimming in a lake as a young boy, and the shock of those strange currents of coldness one encounters in the otherwise warm water. And then climbing out onto the warmth of the wooden pier and drying in the summer sun. Very nice.

  4. Enjoy your break. I could have used that pier yesterday. ;)

  5. Freeze has relapsed, here, after an unlikely forgiving winter. The last spasms of cold, I hope. Talking about the weather is like talking about our emotional state...

  6. There is a lot of complaining about the weather, at least here in Holland, so I hope Massimo is not completely right. Still I think the weather influences our being. This photo of yours, Lynn, brings to mind John Irving's wish in 'Hotel New Hampshire': "Keep passing the open windows". In this case: "Keep passing the open-ended piers".
    Nice photo though!