Saturday, February 11, 2006

worse through a window

a patch of blue sky sidled by, yesterday, almost imperceptible between the hailstorm and the rain.
this has been a vacuously dreary winter, weather-wise, and i wish it would make up its mind: for better or for worse.


  1. Weather is weather, and unless it's killing you or someone else, I've always thought it a phenomenon to appreciate. I remember a summer visit to France in '97, when Zo�xperienced her first hail storm. Yes, we impressed her that it could bean her, but once in shelter it was the kind of thing well worth watching.
    Here in NYC we've seen FAR too little snow, Lynn. I thought a storm was supposed to roll in this weekend, but my last check of didn't say so. Bummed!
    Lovely shot, but it seems like fall...

  2. Why so down about the weather? We've had a few lovely days. Today looks like one of them. Relaxing shot!

  3. This has been a hopelessly dreary winter. While we missed the hail and rain, we've been plagued by fog and dark skies all week. I'd give anything for a bitter cold, but sunny day.

  4. hye lynn...
    the weather irritates me too...
    just made a walk along the canal this afternoon... melting snow... freezing breeze... perfect rest in the middle of the traject in caf�du phare'
    the walk back wasn't that enjoyable anymore...
    but be sure... the grapes will start to florish in a few weeks time... this polaroid has much more of a 'longing' than of a simple registration...
    thanks for staying in touch my friend...

  5. It made up its mind here (Boston) finally, as I am looking at 30 cm of snow in the street...

  6. Ha! Ask Frank how the snow looks now...last tally in NYC was 27 inches. But I know what you mean, Lynn...let's get on with the weather. This grid and vine seem to be calling to the sky for some activity as well.

  7. Still, these branches have the promise of spring in them. and the blue sky is strengthening that promise. (But, as you will hopefully soon move out of your Alkmaar house, will you see them bloom?)

  8. cheer up! spring is almost here !