Monday, September 25, 2006

earthly delights

i'd really like that 'yes' picture", said alex. "it's my Very Favourite in the whole exhibition."
i smiled.
"yeah. right." i replied.
alex - in his charming and irrepressible manner - had spent much of the europephotobloggers weekend* sampling the endless pleasures amsterdam had to offer, so i slightly doubted his sincerity, and his sobriety.
but how could i refuse? i, in turn, took home this picture of his, and he has promised to send me this one, which - sincerely, AND soberly - was MY favourite in the whole exhibition.

*a wonderful time: thanks to all for attending!


  1. Greetings... How have you been? I'm doing quite well as of late, perhaps that's why I haven't used my camera in so long...
    Your photos are beautiful, they make me want to try my camera out again... Hopefully I will some time...

  2. Lynn, I am sorry for taking the shot you wanted to have. And yes, I like your yes shot as well.

  3. marina: no worries! i should have been quicker! :-)

  4. Ha, it was your Yes shot, I didn't realise at the gallery, I like it lots too! Thanks ever so much for organising the meetup Lynn, it was so much fun and a great city to photograph. Although I fear bikes may become a common theme!

  5. Fantastic shot. You know, sometimes even when you doubt someone's sinserity (or even his sobriety) you could be wrong. I'm betting his honesty was only enhanced by his inebriation.
    Sorry it's been so long!

  6. I beginning to wonder if Alex even made it back to Seattle...

  7. Great to read here and on the EuroPB site that the meeting went so wonderfully ! This time I couldn't make to it but hope that will change the next year :)
    As always, this is a shot showing us the extraordinary on the ordinary, and as always, it's gorgeous.
    Best wishes,

  8. Great choice of subject...very interesting.