Thursday, September 14, 2006

the benefit of the doubt

a gentleman at one of the "old camera" forums i frequent yesterday referred to my photographs as "syrupy", and my anxious alarm ("syrupy"? moi?)- along with my intuitive reluctance to succumb to despair - sent me searching the thesaurus.

i took another look at some of the images from england-last-week (larger here, here,
here, and here), and read, meanwhile:

"bathetic, befuddled, confused, cornball, drippy, emotional, gushing, insipid, lachrymose, mawkish, mushy, romantic, schmaltzy, sentimental, slush, soap, soapy, soppy, syrupy, tear-jerking, tearful, teary, weak, weepy"

i seriously considered hanging up my nikon forever. but i read, undaunted, further:

"adventurous, amorous, bathetic, charming, chimerical, chivalrous, colorful, corny,
created, daring, dreamy, enchanting, erotic, exciting, exotic, extravagant, fairy-tale,
fanciful, fantastic, fascinating, fond, glamorous, idealistic, idyllic, imaginary, imaginative, impractical, invented, lovey-dovey, loving, maudlin, mushy, mysterious, nostalgic, novel, passionate, picturesque, poetic, quixotic, starry-eyed, syrupy, tear-jerking, tender, unrealistic, utopian, visionary, whimsical, wild"

this - "syrupy" as "sweet" - i can live with.
oh yes: i'm a positive, albeit deluded, soul.


  1. i was about to say...i think syrup is quite yummy...

  2. At least here, syrup (sirope) is always associated with something like sweet candy :)

  3. I've never considered your photos as syrupy.
    Take the rollercoaster photo now in the series I'm commenting here: no syrup there. What the hell, it is just someone's opponion.

  4. Again, just one person's opinion.
    Personally, I always find them colorful & delightful.
    Keep shooting!

  5. Well, before hanging your Nikon, I would consider hanging the gentleman ;-) If your photos are syrupy then I like syrupy!

  6. Yes I think it was menat as a compliment lynn.

  7. Nice pictures! Those nets are positively enchanting.

  8. Lynn, bumped in the back door to your blog. Lots going on! But Im here to say the guy is 'miserable' pity him. He wants everyone to feel bad because he does? Not a chance. Tell him to talk to someone else and leave you alone.
    cheers, Jan
    BTW your photography.. ? I like it.

  9. I love the roller coaster shot. It unfortunately reminds me that, for some reason, I can no longer go on them, but loved them in my youth.
    As for syrupy, the "gentleman" of which you speak should try eating his pancakes without syrup sometime. Quite depressing!

  10. Just keep on shooting, Lynn: you cannot make them all happy!

  11. keep your chin up! we like your photos! and bah-humbug to that scalawag who dissed your work !