Sunday, October 22, 2006

cold comfort

i was accosted by two unpleasantly suspicious strangers - demanding explanations -
after taking this picture (i can never resist coloured lights) in the slightly-dismal cambridgeshire town of march.
my companion, sensing my dismay, consoled me.
"never mind", he said. "people here are notoriously paranoid. they see a pedophile in every photographer."
i felt, needless to say, greatly reassured.


  1. "slightly dismal"? Ever the optimist! A poignant image of the soul of a town.

  2. Oh, very atmospheric, i like this. Often, the ugly bits of a town are the most photogenic.
    And of course this is obviously a strategic object, so people will ask questions...

  3. I seem more inclined to photograph dismal towns than the well-manicured ones.
    Of course, even the prettiest towns have dirty secrets, and I generally strive to find them and photograph them. Perhaps that's why people are suspicious of photogs like us;)

  4. Barbed wire along the roof?
    That is even worse than where I live. :)
    I've heard some stories about March.

  5. Great shot.
    Please, don't remind me of people who see harm in photo taking. I've been accused a couple of times of disturbing by taking photos. The joke is that I wasn't even taking picture of those complaining. When on holiday a few years ago this man got really agressive, accusing me of taking photos of his two young daughters, when I was in fact aiming over them to get my kids who where jumping off the diving board. I hadn't even noticed the two small girls playing in the kiddy pool. Shortly after that my twelve year old son got a hide full, some old woman shouted at him because he was taking photos on a playground. Would you believe it: he was 12 years old and taking photos of flowers.
    The world is crazy.

  6. I'm also drawn to the less manicured places to photograph. Perhaps it is the unpredictability that I crave. And with that there are undoubtedly going to be encounters with people that don't get our motivation. I've had a few unpleasant situations arise out of such places.

  7. Such a wonderful mood you've captured here...sullen merriment all at once. Lovely.

  8. Lynn, your images sometimes remind me those of Gene Wilburn. You both are, certainly, true poets of the small reality around us.