Thursday, October 26, 2006

the sun and saint christopher

"our brightest blazes of gladness are commonly kindled by unexpected sparks.�
- samuel johnson (english poet, critic and writer. 1709-1784)

the quiet demise of his car, on the second morning of a holiday meant to be spent roaming the byroads of norfolk and suffolk, could have dampened our spirits considerably.
there was something about the day, though - something about the pub where we
awaited the towing service, about the gregarious truck-ride home in the splendid fall-afternoon light, about prince philip roaring past us in his landrover - that filled us with mirth, and optimism, certain that the bumps jostling us to and fro would be the last
we would brave for the rest of the week.
they were; yes, indeed.
they certainly were.


  1. Such a simple but great shot.
    That camera looks like a superb machine. You're so lucky to have such great toys.

  2. The Autocord is, indeed, a fantastic machine. Beautiful shot and as always you do magic with your words Lynn.

  3. i love the feeling of this photo. reminds me of our "nice to meet you" in amsterdam. :)

  4. i gotta get my hands on one of those little cameras! do they still make em like that ?

  5. A quick drop by to say thanks for having me this past weekend. :) Though, you hardly saw me. Sorry about that. I'll be back again. Looking forward to the next time.

  6. What a fine story-in-a-nutshell again! Never say die, eh!?
    And a beautiful photo, with a beautiful camera.

  7. These old double cameras are stunningly beautiful! Your photo has a great wistful atmosphere.