Thursday, February 1, 2007

all my slings and arrows

january, at first backward glance, looks to be thirty-one days of dithering, and
indecisive darting back and forth. i did, however, accomplish a scattering of worthwhile things:
*i stuck to The Diet...almost.
*i was a good friend.
*i survived a long series of very early shifts, with my alarm coaxing me awake at 4 a.m.
*i won (me! who never wins anything!) one of gayla's prints (i chose this one, which i find sublimely canadian, and which i will give total pride of place).
*i sipped a convivial cup of koffie verkeerd with rachel. it had been far too long.
*i booked a flight to england - to visit someone i love dearly - for the first week of march.
i desperately dislike flying, but the offer offered was too good to refuse. the travelling time (compared to boats and trains) was also too good to refuse, but i knock on wood as i say this, as the airline in question can have serious efficiency issues. i work at an airport. i know these things.
*i found a kitchen i like. perhaps this house will finally shed its plastic panelling and its holly-hobbie wallpaper.
i did not update here enough, though.
this, hopefully, will be the first step in the right direction.


  1. wish i was there walking along on that beach...with a warm cup of tea, my journal, and a book of poetry...
    ps--congrats on the print and thanks for introducing me to her sight...

  2. Never mind about updating, you did your best at the end of last year. And you've had a busy month, I guess.
    I love the perspective in this photo!

  3. Lynn, great to hear you are doing so well, since we're already in February 1st :)
    As for the photo, as always, wonderful. You seem to be able to extract the good from any scene, distile it and send it to all your viewers.

  4. Yes, fortune can be outrageous...
    Still, a good list and the year is still young!

  5. i love that kitchen too. wish i could read what it says! :P glad you had a great start in year 2007. :)

  6. Wonderful kitchen! The boots complete it for me. Love the zig-zag on the beach--it's what life is.

  7. what a beautiful shot.
    sounds like a really good start to the year:)

  8. Forget about the poetry of motion or the wonder of stillness or stunning photos in general - WHAT airline has serious efficiency issues and WHY are you flying with it??
    love - mom

  9. Good shots!
    I prefere the last! good composition.

  10. I love this photo. You have an eye for compelling simplicity.
    I also love listing out the good things. Because sometimes we focus way too much on the negative.

  11. the composition of this is superb... the colours are great too!