Friday, February 2, 2007

the crowd begins to sing

the picture, the words it's worth, the song it sings, the strings it strums: there is pure power in combination and collaboration. i have often wished that i knew how to match the media, to immerse myself, and others, in image, with matter, with music..

rich silfver knows, instinctively, how. he put - as he modestly says - "a small test" together, here:
turn the volume UP. LOUD. i do, every time.


  1. perculiar photo with those reflections. Like it. The song won't play. the words "File error" appear in stead of the title.

  2. It worked at this end - Rich Silfer's "small test" is a breathtaking triumph: do anything to get that link to function! :)

  3. She is wonderful, and so are the reflections that surround her. Hey, the Fray is from my home town!
    Good choice.

  4. Thanks for the kind words on my small project effort :)
    Hoping to put together something a bit more thought-through in the near future.