Thursday, March 1, 2007

their own banquet

plain fare is served here. my crockery is chipped. my pots, my pans are dented. my
heart and soul stir, despite, in unison.
i aim to nourish.
i aim to please.
i love my regulars.
when a turkish splinter group hacked this site (WHY?) last weekend, i underestimated the random poison it scattered: it will take me a long time, and a concentrated effort, to undo its evil. without my best-ever-host, i would have closed my doors completely.
the joy of cooking: may it prevail.


  1. But we are always hungry for more! Dare I add that with every picture restored, beauty beats the beast?
    TM triumphs :)

  2. glad you are re-nourishing ... what a terrible terrible thing!
    love this photo, window captures make me smile so much ...

  3. Funny shot.
    You are joking, I hope, two muses, hacked?

  4. peter: i wish i WERE joking. i have restored the archives back to september. just three-and-a-half years to do. oh my.

  5. Thijs mentioned the hacking. That's horrible. :( One would think that people should have better things to do with their time. Good to hear that it was able to be recovered, though.
    And I must say the kitchen, and fare, is quite welcoming. :)

  6. I visited two-muses last week and saw a ghastly sign with: "this site is hacked"! I am glad for all of us that something can be done to undo the hacking.
    In the meantime: have a candy floss.

  7. Lynn, I couldn't believe it when I read "This site is hacked" while trying to visit two-muses. Probably a bunch of juvenal delinquents with too much time on their hands. I'm glad to see you're back.

  8. This is so sad! Why somebody would want to hack your site!?! I am happy to see that your doors are still open for us.

  9. Oh, Lynn, I can't imagine WHY anyone would want to hack your beautiful site! Breathe. You'll get there (restored) in time. I'm so, so glad you didn't have to shut down. Hugs.

  10. Hey Lynn, just dropped in , long time passed! Like the rest of the friends and myself I'm astounded and baffled.
    Well there is karma waiting for those people. Just keep doing what you do so well. Giving the world a view of itself from your "enquiring eyes"
    Best wishes Jan / Jannx
    BTW I like you comment above regarding the surprise factor of shooting film and the found images long forgotten or even believe lost. It's one of the reasons I shoot film. Don't tell though! :D

  11. Lynn, I haven't visited your site these past weeks - frantically busy. Drop me a line re hackers - who? how? and why are they not locked up somewhere. Whoever you are "Get A Life!!"