Saturday, April 28, 2007

with a grain of salt

my mother's most recent email skitters with question marks.
"have you finally learned to appreciate seafood?" she asks. (we will be visiting her in canada, in just two weeks, and she has started planning our meals already.)
"no, ma," i respond. "not yet. but b. loves it."
"and i suppose mushrooms are still out of the question?" she sighs.
"yes, ma," i answer. "totally out of the question.but b. loves them."
she has always nurtured hopes that my tastes in food - i am not a picky eater, really i'm not! - will, as she expresses it, mature.
she also hopes, fervently, that i have outgrown my appalling fondness for kraft
macaroni & cheese dinner.
hmmm. not.
but i shall feast while she and b. dine on cockles and cantharels.


  1. Hey, great, going back home.
    Kraft ... sorry, my stomach just turned :-)

  2. Lest your friends think I will be feeding you Kraft Dinnerl while B. and I salivate over giant shrimp, you will be having steak teriyaki, my love! I will even have a couple of K.D. on hand, as long as I don't have to look at it.
    love - mom

  3. Ah, we share the same food dislikes. :)

  4. Just remember Lynn your mum always knows best...even when she doesn't!

  5. Have a great trip. Send me some news, too ;)

  6. Who is terrorkitten and why is she saying this about me? (Tongue-in-cheek of course!) At nearly 81, I can happily, finally, confess to NOT knowing best but - hey! - "do as I say anyway!!" Besides, wisdom increases exponentially with the years so the odds of me knowing what's best are looking pretty good!! A tad flawed at times maybe, but good.

  7. Love your story & your mom's reactions here. I am awaiting your Canada photos.