Sunday, August 10, 2008

the 13:15 at 13:25

if you're on your way to an appointment in, say, arnhem, and your train coupé bears a striking resemblance to this one: get off at the next stop.
this - the granny-smith-green-one - is the train to maastricht.

you want the mauve one.
trust me.


  1. Oh, I see. I read of a british family that was going to vacation in Spain, and fell asleep after boarding their train. They woke up... in Turkey! I guess they didn't look at the color of their seats (or to what was written on their mistaken boarding passes)!

  2. You are posting one photo a month Lynn ;) I like this one, and the advice. I enjoy traveling by train and a trip to Maastricht is a long one. If you want to go to Arnhem though...

  3. Oh Lynn - these horribly cheap seats remind me of a terrible ordeal that happened to Charlie and me only mainly me last month. Well, Charlie and me were at Rupert's when behold who should arrive but Nigel Chumley who you'll remember was at Harrow with Rupes until the trouble with the housemaster, only now he is Ladykilla Phat Phat Phat.
    Nigie said he wanted two hot cracker hos to make it real in his new video - "Home Countiz Homeboyz". It's like being with Spike Lee except he isn't black and has to wear a scarf.
    So, next week Charlie and me are on the corner of Draycott Avenue waiting for Harry Fotherington AKA Dreadmastaluzt AK47, Phat�s homie and former fag. Only it started to rain and nowhere was open except this horrible chavvy Pizza Hut and I was in this Elie Saab babydoll so I mean there was no choice but to suffer. It was another thing that made me think how much like Princess Di I am, except I don�t like Spandau Ballet.
    I was comforting Charlie when Harry�s Hummer knocked down a bollard outside and I rose up, saying come forth dear friend for behold outside is Hollywood calling, only there was a ripping sound and I stood unclothed but for my agent provacateur nik naks. That icky stuff they spray the seats with had stuck to me and rent my garments.
    At which Harry entered and said �Oh Crikey Gosh�. I don�t think he�s very street.
    Chow, MandsXXXXXXXXXXX

  4. I'll bear that in mind. Good thing of the Dutch to give their trains colour codes on the inside. Here in Belgium the all look the same.

  5. Oooooooooooooooh.... Oooooh... that's almost all I can say. I had to show this one to Chris, his favorite color is green. We want to go back to Holland and ride the granny smith green train.

  6. Deliciously green! I like the colour code system

  7. Lynn, I know it was frustrating at the time however this is a true case of serendipity. What a wonderful train. The colours the style, and the shape of these chairs are like a train trip in the 1960's movies
    You haven't stated but I'm assuming.. Polaroid? :D

  8. It's always worth it, when you have the time, or take the time, to post here. The stories that you tell in so few words make the pictures become almost like a short film -- a whole afternoon can instantly be imagined; I think I even know what that train smells like, just by looking at your photograph.
    Please don't stop.

  9. Well I like the picture a lot. It reminds me of countless travels in which I look from the window outside. The Dutch landscape is beautifull... As well it was where every now and then I would talk with a collegue from Marks & Spencer.
    Greetz Jasper

  10. I love that "granny smith green". This reminds me of a post of yours long ago of a bus driver. Great to see that mood you are still seeing through the lens.