Friday, November 14, 2008

and the seasons

months, months have passed.
i am appalled at my own inexplicable neglectfulness.


  1. well i'm just glad you're back.
    not that i havent seen your lovely photos elsewhere ;)

  2. I can honestly say that you are hands down my favorite photographer ever.

  3. You shouldn't be.
    This shot was worth waiting for.

  4. lynn,
    don't worry, we all need some moments from time to time, even if at first we don't realize it.
    and I'm in no mistake saying this is outstanding.
    so don't worry, you're still here, you never left to start with ;)

  5. Wat een prachtige foto (weer)!
    Gaat het goed met je?

  6. your photos are *always* such a delight.

  7. Where have you been :) ???? We missed you :)

  8. Hi Lynn, Here is where I find myself when longing for Adam -- or when my mind needs a jump start. But, I've never posted and thought it was time. Thank you for such lovely images. I have enjoyed them all over the years -- and many more than once. Happy Holidays.
    P.S. You once mentioned a tour book? Did it happen?

  9. This is beautiful Lynn - I should never worry about posting, life has to be dealt with, as long as you are taking photos, that is the most important thing.