Tuesday, March 25, 2003

a minor addiction

martin bril writes a daily column for the volkskrant, one of holland’s leading daily newspapers.
his inspiration is diverse: politics, daily life in amsterdam and the provinces, the avril lavigne concert that he recently visited with his two young daughters. he writes as evocatively about the spui – which he observes from his favourite café (the view is the same as that which i and fellow-muse observe from OUR favourite café, just a few doors down) as he does about domestic disagreements, the war, the mellow song of the blackbird in the vicinity of his back garden. and every spring, without fail, he celebrates the onset of short-skirt weather.
his words are delightfully spare; his window onto the world is one that we all, on tiptoe, can appreciate. his creations are collages of life: quirky, complicated, but ultimately as simple and beautiful as life itself on a good day.
from the moment that my alarm clock disturbs my reverie, i look forward to the first page of the second section.
like milky tea and indelible lipstick, he is an unmissable part of my morning routine.

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  1. Gorgeous picture, you sure have an eye for it, hope its something I inherited from you. Email me soon