Wednesday, March 26, 2003


she should probably give him the benefit of the doubt.
perhaps the emotional push was well-meant, even slightly affectionate: to nudge her upright, to coax her back on so-called track.
his perception of her had always mystified her, so different it was to how she knew herself to be. he saw naïveté where she knew compassion; he saw confusion where she knew concern. he saw non-commitment where she knew open-mindedness. he regarded his own intensity as admirable, and hers as regrettable; it was the story of their acquaintance.
looking back, she realizes that maybe he had just needed to be unkind.
but, because she had already been standing tall, and because she had already been on a steady path, this shove has thrown her off-balance, and she finds herself momentarily listing and adrift.


  1. a duck, a bird, looking under water, looking where to go, to a better place is what she wants to know, seeing a different show, instead of this place, where it is necessary to lay low, Maybe in time her situation will improve, once she will rise again and control the water as once before, being the shining bird which everyone will adore....