Wednesday, December 24, 2003

let nothing you dismay

to you, and yours, and those who have yet to cross your path:
i wish you the merriest, and the happiest.
may you give as much as you receive.
may you be content.


  1. It seems I'm the only blogger around right now...!
    That was a lovely send off into the holidays! :) I hope your holidays are as wonderful as you wish for everyone else!

  2. and i just - not one minute ago - sent you a special christmas e-mail! great minds and all that...:-)
    you and alex ENJOY, whole-heartedly, the season and each other..and i'll see you in a month or so...

  3. May the joy be as big as your heart

  4. My greetings to you, Lynn. I have gained much pleasure from you log in 2003 ... and hope to continue so to do in 2004.
    Peace and joy.

  5. Hope you had/are having very happy holidays! Peace to you and yours :)